1) Is Tech Data changing its name?

No. We conducted extensive surveys and in-depth interviews with customers, vendors, potential customers, industry analysts and employees as we embarked on our rebranding project. That research revealed that Tech Data is viewed as a visionary market leader with a strong, well-respected brand— that’s a great foundation for the future.

2) Then why is Tech Data rebranding the corporation?

We are rebranding Tech Data to better represent the Tech Data of today and set the stage for the future. We are introducing the ‘new’ Tech Data brand and our unique end-to-end solutions portfolio to the market—a portfolio that enables our customers to create tailored business solutions using products and services anywhere along the technology continuum, in endless combinations across the globe. Tech Data has become a company that delivers business outcomes, not just products.

3) How will Tech Data go to market?

We’ve built our company’s capabilities with our customers and vendors in mind so that we can all benefit from the myriad of opportunities that this ever-changing technology landscape presents to us, and the way we will go to market is a direct reflection of that. We offer our channel partners products, services and solutions from across the entire technology continuum. With our endpoint solutions, advanced solutions, specialized solutions, and services and solutions capabilities, we have an incredibly diverse linecard, deep data center and next-generation technology skills, extensive services and software capabilities, and the best logistics engine in the industry—all backed by a world-class team.

4) What are Tech Data’s portfolios?
  • Tech Data Advanced Solutions – enables customers to deliver complex technology solutions around the world. Our innovative approach and proven experience with cloud computing, IoT, mobility, analytics, converged and hyper-converged infrastructure, and security solutions empower channel partners to provide the end-to-end solutions and business outcomes their own customers need to compete successfully in the market.
  • Tech Data Endpoint Solutions – integrates more than 150,000 products with expert services and solutions supporting PC systems, mobility solutions, peripherals, printers, software and consumer electronics.
5) What are Tech Data’s specialized solutions?
  • Maverick AV Solutions – specializes in audio-visual products, services and solutions
  • Datech Solutions – specializes in Autodesk products, services and solutions
  • Global Computing Components– specializes in component solutions for the client, enterprise and data center markets
6) What are Tech Data’s services and solution categories?

Technology-focused solutions and services specific to:

  • Mobility Solutions
  • IoT Solutions
  • Security Solutions
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Analytics Solutions
  • Education and Training Solutions
  • Services
7) I do business with Azlan in Europe. Will that brand change?

We will continue to offer our customers and vendors the full advantage of the Azlan portfolio in Europe along with the service they have come to expect from us. In that region you will see both the Tech Data and Azlan brands representing the Tech Data Advanced Solutions portfolio in the market for a limited period of time, depending on the country. We will completely retire the Azlan brand in an orderly fashion in Europe by Sept. 18, 2018, and we will use Tech Data or Tech Data Advanced Solutions thereafter.

8) I utilize a branded product (examples: StreamOne, Recon) within your portfolio. What happens to that product?

These offerings will remain an important part of our portfolio.

9) Many technology companies are touting services as an essential part of their portfolio, but that’s a very broad term. How does Tech Data define “services”?

Tech Data offers a multitude of services that span our portfolio and benefit our customers around the world. Our services support IT operations, professional development, hardware and software, and include financing and credit, sales and marketing and more.  Additionally, we provide global lifecycle management services, which include extensive technical and specialized resources, as well as logistics, supply chain and integration capabilities that solutions providers can leverage to grow and extend their businesses.

10) Are you adding any new portfolios, specialized solutions or services beyond those mentioned above?

Not at this time. However, our approach is built to allow for growth and expansion using a defined, disciplined process and structure if needed in the future.

11) Will you continue to refer to your offerings as “the value business” and “the broadline/volume business”?

No. Going forward, we will refer to our Endpoint Solutions and Advanced Solutions portfolios in lieu of these categorizations.

12) What happens to the Avnet Technology Solutions name?

The Technology Solutions operating group ceased being part of Avnet when it was acquired by Tech Data in February 2017. The Technology Solutions portfolio of products, services and solutions is now part of the Tech Data portfolio, and the Technology Solutions brand was retired on August 25, 2017. Avnet, Inc., remains a separate company and is in no way associated with Tech Data.

13) Will this new architecture affect the way you do business with your customers or vendors?

It will not affect how our customers and vendors do business with us on a day-to-day basis. However, it will make it easier for our channel partners to understand the full breadth and depth of the solutions Tech Data offers and find the right people to help them serve their own customers and grow their business.

14) We were asked to change some of our business materials and information in our systems to align with new Tech Data legal entities as Technology Solutions is integrated. Does that mean Tech Data will go to market using the legal entity name?

We were required to remove the Avnet name and logo by August 25, 2017, so the legal entity name may or may not have changed and may not match the way we refer to our portfolios and solutions in the market. The legal entity may still appear on items like quotes and invoices. Tech Data’s go-to-market strategies and branding may be different from the legal entity name.

15) Will my business contacts at Tech Data change with this brand refresh?

No. Continue to work with your existing Tech Data business contacts.

16) Should we expect any leadership changes in conjunction with Tech Data’s brand refresh?


17) I would like to utilize Tech Data products, services or solutions that I have not used in the past. Who should I contact?

Your current Tech Data contact will be able to connect you with additional resources who can familiarize you with offerings across Tech Data’s end-to-end portfolio.

18) Does this mean Tech Data’s integration of Technology Solutions is complete?

No. We’ve made a great deal of progress integrating the two organizations, and our teams are collaborating well to ensure we meet our customers’ and vendors’ expectations. However, this is a big undertaking, and there is still work to do to fully unite our systems, processes and policies.